The ant has finally got the attention of the elephant as Smaq’s recent comments have been replied by Bobby East. On Sunday Smaq, who seems not to have forgotten the hard diss lines that Bobby East crucified him from DJ Mzengaman’s song Hard Feelings, posted on social media that he wondered how the XYZ CEO Bobby East could be compared to him when Bobby was staying with his parents.

The Daywalker couldn’t allow Smaq to get away with such an embarrassing statement and has replied to Smaq calling him a d**k rider. Bobby East also went deep to tell off Smaq to remember the parents he was embarrassing on social media as the same owners of the house him and Bobby East started recording music from. Bobby then advised Smaq that he should have ripped off the message that was on the song Hard Feelings.

“Enjoy this lil exposure I am about to give you but know it won’t make your music any better, give you shows or make you any money. The first recordings you ever made in your life were done at a building my parents owned the same parents you shamelessly posted about on Facebook cause of petty jealousy, insecurity and basic lack of morals. Posting lies about me won’t help you, you should have taken my advice in “hard feelings” to motivate you to elevate your bars and your music but alas here you are d*** riding once again.I have worked hard to get where I am fam I make music and mind my own business. You will be wise to do the same…”

Smaq and Bobby East, both raised from the ruff township of Chunga in Lusaka’s Matero, have been trading disses both on social media and also on records.When the music is expecting them to be brothers from the same hood, the two have been involved a beef that has been on and off. Their feud started when Smaq gave comments about Bobby East’s album “B.east” saying it was average as compared to Chef 187’s Heart of a Lion.