Muzo has rubbished off claims that he is on a verge of rejoining Kopala Swag. This comes after word broke out on social media platforms that he had signed to rejoin Alpha Entertainment a label owned by Macky 2. The rapper who has not released any song this year unlike last year where he was releasing a song every week warned media outlets telling them to wait for the album to drop

“Ba Zed gossip na Kopala swag yenu muichindike sana namipapata,lekenifye mfumye album mumutende…….Ubufi tefintu.#TaimaTaiwa”, Muzo warned.

The rapper left Alpha Ent after he refused to renew his contract. Subliminal exchanges and a cold war between Muzo and Macky 2 developed last year without any of the two confirming the beef. Kopala Swag rapper Kiss B was on Muzo’s neck for the most part of 2016.

In the Post newspaper Muzo stated that his music days at Kopala Swag was unsuccessful.

The deep and hardcore bemba rapper is set to release an album which has controversial track titles that may not be welcomed by Macky 2 and DJ Mzenga Man.

Macky 2 had a song in 2015 titled So Much More a dedication to his fiancée whereas Muzo had Mama We. Both songs where hit songs and dominated music charts. It seems like Muzo combined the two songs to come up with one title song “So Much More Ai Ni Hit Nga Mama We? . Muzo also has another controversial title track that Macky 2 fans can relate to.” Mumuchilileko Imyaka Aunty Inga?” which sounds like Muzo is questioning the age difference between Macky 2 and Hantinga . Haantinga is the name of Macky 2’s wife.

Another controversial track title is Mwilaimona Ba Muze Nga Money. When read the title sounds as if Muzo was saying Mwilaimona ba Mzenga Man (don’t feel yourself Mzenga Man). Muzo aka Alphonso featured on DJ Mzenga Man’s song Absolute Devotion last year.

See tracklist below

So Much More Ai Ni Hit Nga Mama We?(Hip-Hop/Rap) Album List…..


2.Iba Ngechipingo Chalisuminisha

3.Clear Always

4.Mumuchilileko Imyaka Aunty Inga?

5.Real Rapper

6.So Much More Ai Ni Hit Nga Mama We?

7.Red Scorpion

8.Mwilaimona Ba Muze Nga Money

9.Ili iiliko Joe Ni Bulls

10.Nkafwa Ndemichita Hunt

11.Mu Army

12.Sha Ifyali Akale Muminwe Yobe

13.Punka teukwatafye my nigga

14.Itoni Please Bwaiche

15.Yalikosa Ukwanga Ala Kuno Teko