I woke up to the sad news “City Market is on fire”, this is sad. Our friends and families depend on that place for survival. That place was like a gold mine for people from across our country. May God guide us and everyone directly affected by this fire. I do hope investigations will be done and if there was an invisible hand somewhere that will be brought to the fore.

What is more saddening right now is how does such a great disaster become a political issue? Have we become so political such that we can’t reason outside our political affiliations? Zambians, have we lost the power to clearly think through things without involving politics? How did we get to this point?

In the past we had markets catch fire and the police had to investigate and they always shared their findings. These were never political stories but why now. Why does everything have to be political, from funerals to such misfortunes?

I may not be a prophet but a student of logic so in that space i say by induction a greater disaster awaits anyone who flirts with the eggs of a python. It may be convenient now to throw stones at a big python whilst we nurture its eggs but one day these eggs with hatch and it will be too late to deal with them. Peace is like oxygen, when its there you can easily ignore it but the moment its gone, we are dead. Today it may be convenient to say this political party did this or that political did that but when disaster strikes no one will remember who belongs to what political party. Lets not be blinded by whats easy. We are one Zambia One nation. I know our police officers will handle the investigations without any bias for the sake of our peace and our country and they will tell us what really caused the fire. For now all of us can just be helpful in that process and to the people who have lost huge sums of money in the inferno.