(Introducing The Beast).
Mitchel Ngosa popularly known as #MORM_G K.S.M.G was born in the late 1990s on 6th july 1993. Born and bread in the copperbelt province (luanshya city).
Rhetorical first born in a family of 4,3males with a single sister. He did his primary school at Bupe primary school (Ktk 2007) and later on did his senior level at Chisenga Lumbwe Secondary Arrakan Barracks-Chamboli secondary (Lsk 2009-2012).
He developed an interest in music specifically Hip-hop not knowing he wanted to pursue Rap ,unknowingly discovering his hidden talent he wrote his first song titled #Nshakwata_Ama_Chicky, a song produced by #JazzyBoy under Front Record Label.
#Mitchel_Morm_G gained a little fame by his dangerous creative style of Rap in Cyphers,features and underground battles. Thus a rapper inspired by the general life experience coached by the likes of Tupac,Ruff Kaida,Macky2,The game ,Eddie Black,leo Muntu,RobbyJerayoh Kasao to mention a few. #MormG is currently representing Kitwe(Madcity).
Thus from his hard bemba rhymes to his dangerous style I am proud to rate #Morm_G as one Dope Fierce Upcoming HOTSHOT!