Children’s Activist, Songwriter,Music Producer (2009) Sq beats is best known as a composer and record producer for legendary musicians such as Chester,T low, Moz b, Galaxy and 408 Empire. Who Is Mr SQ? Mr Sq is famely a musical producer, song writer Mr sq started producing music at an early age to explore music by his teenage friends Stanley mwaba(Mr Stash) and Bright mofya also know as Jazzy boy. eventually producer Mr sq has produced hit songs like Ba guy mashilu,Thousand reasons and Chizakwempa. He has worked with musicians such as Chester,T low, Moz b and 408 empire .
Early Career..
Famed producer Isaac kalumbi also known as Mr Sq was born in kitwe,Chamboli.on November 20th, 1995, in Kitwe,Chamboli. A multifaceted Jazzy, HipHop and Rnb producer Mr Sq has worked for Fire Records and Drimz records in Kitwe. Returning to Kitwe, Sq beats composed and arranged for Chester, T low,Moz b and 408 empire, while holding an executive post at Drimz Records and producing his own increasingly Hip hop and Dancehall-Under Drimz records. In the mid year-2009 he began composing for beats and a bit of production , eventually producing over 50 hits and serving as a trailblazing African-Zambian producer in kitwe. Sq produced Ndifumu 2017 album By Mr Zulu Young.  In 2015, Sq founded Drimz Productions, for which he arranged and produced hugely successful albums.
I could’nt have become the person or producer i am today it was a tough journey and grieved journey of my life career to make it.
It was all the help and support from my friends and family just to mention a few Big thanks goes to Dj Sony, Dj Micho and Mr Ck who used to publish my works under blogging, street advertising and also Mr David is one of a kind this was my first ever manager of my art as a producer/song writter and when it came to my family big thanks to my Mum and Dad who were realy inspired by my studio works and iam realy humbled for the support given to me by all these people that used and currently supporting me and if you want to continue supporting Mr Sq follow me.
My handles are:
@facebook Sq beats
Contact me on:+260968322408 or 0972207329

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